The Thoughts Of Russell T. Davies

That’s Russel T. Davies. He writes Doctor Who and Queer As Folk, and he also wrote this nonsense.

‘Whatever you do on Doctor Who, whatever technology or futurism you’re putting on screen, it’s always going to look like it was made now and it should. You know, science fiction in the sixties looks like it was made in the sixties, the seventies, eighties. The worst and most stupid thing you can do is go in to a meeting and say let’s make it timeless.

For a start, why? I think these programs are a record of the year in which they are made and they should be and they should show that off, and plus you can’t fight it that’ll creep in anyway. There’s no such thing as a timeless design, ever.

And I think partly you have to celebrate that.’

What an idiot. Of course you can have timeless design, it just takes skill. Skill that Mr Davies is perhaps incapable of.

Look at Star Wars, thirty years old and you’d be hard pushed to definitively tell that it’s a product of the seventies. Try Blade Runner I couldn’t tell if that was from 1982 or 1997. What about The Fifth Element, a brightly coloured assault on the senses that still looks fresh. Need I go on? Probably not.

This is all just so much pointless waffle to distract from the piss poor stories and special effects in Doctor Who. I think the T must stand for tit.


  1. Even that’s a fucking hollow promise.

    If, if, he does end Doctor Who it’ll probably only to be allow extra space in the schedule for Torchwood. With its piss-poor Range Rover, with its fucking blue lights up the windscreen that just screams ‘we run out of ideas’.

    I wish I could hate him to death.

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