Knightmare: 25th Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been twenty five years since I used to watch Knightmare.

Knightmare is a bona fide classic, a unique slice of television history. Although I doubt many kids of today would find it as entertaining as we all did back then. In essence Knightmare tried to provide, by means of a proxy in the contestant, the thrills that Skyrim provides directly today.

A show like this will never be made again, the target audience is simply too sophisticated and immersed in other forms of entertainment to find it in the least bit interesting. At the time though Head Over Heels was the height of video gaming sophistication and watching a movie meant a trip on a bus to get a VHS from Blockbuster, shows like this looked amazing.

Watching Knightmare was the highlight of my post-school afternoon, the memory of sitting down to watch it with a glass of milk and a handful of Digestives, still makes me smile. It must rank as one of my all time childhood loves.

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