Otixo Is Awesome!

If, like me, you’ve got an account with practically every online storage provider going, then you need Otixo! Otixo connects all your online storage services in one handy to use portal, currently it connects to a myriad of services including my favourites Dropbox, Box and CX.

It’s not only those three though, oh no, you can connect it to Google Drive, SkyDrive, SugarSync, Amazon S3 and even Facebook and Picasa for photos. It’s pretty comprehensive.

What’s more it also lets you access any FTP services you might have, which makes it really useful in situations where all you’ve got access to is a browser and you desperately need to update your website. No? That might just be me then!

The best bit is that all these services are then directly linked to each other through the web client. Which might sound like nothing but in reality is quite a big deal. Say you had a a bunch of files in CX that you wanted to be in Dropbox and you didn’t have access to the PC they were on.

Previously that’d have meant downloading the files from CX’s web client, then uploading them to Dropbox using its web client. With Otixo you just drag from CX and drop to Dropbox and they deal with the transfer. Brilliant!

Anyway if you want an account get yourself over to their sign up page and get typing!


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