Lauryn Hill’s Views On Tax Evasion

Seemingly Lauryn Hill thinks that tax evasion is a just and fitting way to protest about slavery?!

Said Ms. Hill in court.

I am a child of former slaves who had a system imposed on them, I had an economic system imposed on me.

Is she seriously equating the taxation system to slavery? Really?! To compare the subjugation of a race of people to a system designed to allow a country to function is somewhat stretching a point.

In reality none of us likes paying taxes, who would, but it’s a necessary evil, we know that, so we do it.

To draw parallels with slavery and use it as an excuse for not paying your taxes is disingenuous at best, down right despicable at worst. Is Ms. Hill attempting to suggest that taxes are in someway racist?

As Morgan Freeman once said, when asked how we would stop racism.

Stop talking about it.

What Lauryn Hill has done here is use a dreadful and rightfully shameful part of America’s history simply to distract attention from her behaviour. Not to raise awareness nor further any discussion, just to point at something else and say they made me do it.

That’s self serving and inexcusable.

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