Man Of Steel. Now I’m Interested!

A while back I wrote about the upcoming Superman reboot; Man Of Steel. Essentially I made the point that fan service was dead and that it was about time the die hard comic book fans realised that. I may have been wrong about the lack of fan service in this movie though.

In this latest trailer, it appears Zack Snyder may just have snuck in a whole heap of fan service and with it, done everything right. It even looks like the rebooted Zod – the only thing I thought might be too far removed from the traditional image of Zod, even for non-fans – could be a worthy opponent for young Supes and potentially, a classic villain

Still, there’s plenty of time for me to be proved wrong, this could end up being be the worst super hero movie of all time.

It’s unlikely though. Warner Brother’s have too much riding on the back of this, I would imagine it’s had massive amounts of time and money spent on it. It will have been finely honed before a single scene was even shot.

After all, if Man Of Steel fails it’s doubtful we’d see another Superman film for ten years and that would mean Warner’s plan for a Justice League franchise to rival Marvel’s Avengers, would be destroyed. This movie is literally a property that – for them – is too big to fail.

Roll on June the 14th, only then will we know exactly what they’ve done to the caped crusader.

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