Is Hazel And Daley’s Big Brother Incident Clear Cut?

Having just watched the Big Brother Hazel and Daley debacle I have this to say; Big Brother should have thrown them both out.

Daley was out of order for what he did, he was aggressive and physical, and he shouldn’t have been; drunk or not. Additionally his behaviour the following day was that of an abusive partner. Very scary.

That said, Hazel’s constant game playing and behaviour was obviously going to lead to some adverse reaction at some point. She was very clearly attempting to manipulate him. It’s also interesting that on his exit Daley’s comments about Hazel’s devious nature were the first vocalisation of his feelings about her, and also the first time we got confirmation that he knew she was playing him.

What’s worse is that he was right she is a devious woman, she’s a dangerous woman and above all else she’s a manipulative woman. It must have been a successful tactic for her up to this point in her life, and Daley’s ejection will see her given an additional angle with which to manipulate others, which she will take.

Hazel O'Sullivan, victim.

Hazel O’Sullivan

We’ve already seen her confide in the only gay man in the house. She knows how to deal with men. Women don’t buy it. Men do, gay or otherwise. Whilst in no way did she deserve it, Hazel is now playing the victim in an incident that she both started and fueled.

She has managed to give the impression of being open and honest by telling Dan what happened, in a rapid, machine gun manner, quickly adding, after her revelation about her sexual assault on Daley; “I got a warning because they have to be fair.”. Not that she got a warning because she too did something wrong but because it was a matter of balance? Curious idea that.

Not only that but she also managed – by way of her uncharacteristic coyness about telling the house what happened – to contrive a means of the story being retold to the house by someone who is generally trusted and without an axe to grind, someone who will be seen as beyond the reach of her manipulation by dint of his sexuality, someone who is thought to be wise, shrewd and capable of seeing through people.

Yet more manipulation.

Daley Ojuederie, victim of a different kind.

Daley Ojuederie

It’s interesting to see that although it has been mentioned on the show, very little mention is now being made of Hazel’s sexual assault on Daley elsewhere? She pulled down his pants. Had he done that to her there would have been an intervention straight away, not afterwards.

What I would say about Daley is that – according to his Big Brother biography – he grew up in care, I would imagine that would colour his behaviour when people threaten him – in whatever manner. What happens when you’re young imprints on your entire personality.

Not that I am in anyway trying to excuse his behaviour but Daley’s probably had to fight for a lot in his life. By which I mean fight not struggle.

Ultimately though the producers of Big Brother have generated this situation. They should have known this sort of thing could happen if they were both put into the safe house. They are culpable for stoking the tensions that lead to this.

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