2014, Year Of Change!

So! It’s day two of my new and improved life.

Well, I say day two but really it’s day one as I didn’t actually post anything yesterday, regardless though today’s the day that I’m going to list my new year’s resolutions. Exciting stuff. huh? Hmm, well.

My first resolution is to lose weight and get fitter. I used to be 13 stone something and could run up three flights of stairs without losing breath. Now I’m almost seventeen stone and can barely make it to the stairs.

The aim is to be fourteen stone exactly by the beginning of August, with will power that is achievable.

My second wish, er, resolution is to do more of what I’m doing right now; blogging. Also vlogging is something I’m intrigued by so I’ll be making a vlog of this too, although when I’ll have the nerve to publish it I don’t know. Soon though my pretties, soon.

Resolution number three is to record an EP. When I were a lad EP’s were always four tracks long, so that’s the goal, four songs of joy and merriment, written, performed and recorded by me. With maybe one cover too. A bonus track if you will.

My final goal for the year is to write a screenplay. I’ve got a few ideas for movies kicking around in my noggin, one about an alien scientist that saves the world from invasion, one about a werewolf in the wild west and of course I’ve still got all my ideas for a Doctor Who origin movie.

That last one will be familiar to a lot of people as it’s my favourite method of boring people when they’re trapped on trains or in elevators or meetings with me.

Whatever it is I want to get a 120 page screenplay finished in 2014.

There is a fifth and final aim for the year but I can’t really talk about that yet, suffice to say though when it happens things are going to be mighty exciting at Douglas Towers.

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