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Sunshine (2007)

Jon 0 20

Danny Boyle’s attempt at sci-fi/horror falls flat due to a lack of decent characterisation and a reliance on sci-fi cliches. It looks beautiful though. Why is it so dreadful though?

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It’s A Spock Off!

Jon 0 10

In what could possibly be the first truly amusing viral video this year, we see Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto challenging each other to a race to the golf club.

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The Continuing Tale Of Lindsey Vs. The Swans

Jon 0 9

Not wishing to believe that there isn’t in fact a global conspiracy of highly organised swans and geese, my wife now sees fit to attack all swans and geese she encounters that she considers to be in a position of weakness. She’s a bit like Blade, except it’s not vampires; it’s swans and/or geese.

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