Currys PC Word. Doh.

So people think that the high street is on its arse. I wonder why that is? Well, it could be because of shit like this.

Having decided that the Surface Pro is the next laptop/tablet for me I Рrather rashly Рdecided that it might be a good idea to go and see one. Unfortunately I thought PC World might be my best bet. What a mistake.

Arriving at PC World with my little daughter in tow I was approached by an earnest young man.

“Can I help you.”, he said without a trace of irony.

“Do you have the Surface Pro?”, I said, dooming myself to disappointment.

“No. We don’t stock it.”, there was a brief pause. “We’ve got the regular Surface though!”. Clearly this was an inspired after thought.

“Er, no, I want the Pro thanks.”.

“Right. Ok.”, and with that he was gone. As was my patience…

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