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Half baked notions about films I’ve enjoyed. Or not.

Interstate 60 (2002)

I so wanted to love this, featuring an ensemble cast led by Gary Oldman, and James Marsden it takes us on a quirky journey down an imaginary highway with an intriguing premise, colourful characters, and a plot filled with twists and turns.

It could have been amazing, why was it so mishandled?

The Condorman Transfer

Condorman was a fun – if ultimately silly and doomed to obscurity – movie. It’s such a shame they couldn’t be bothered to give it a decent digital transfer.

Sunshine (2007)

Danny Boyle’s attempt at sci-fi/horror falls flat due to a lack of decent characterisation and a reliance on sci-fi cliches. It looks beautiful though. Why is it so dreadful though?