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Posts about things that I’m interested in that don’t fit into the other neat little categories that I’ve devised. Life isn’t simple is it?

The Continuing Tale Of Lindsey Vs. The Swans

Not wishing to believe that there isn’t in fact a global conspiracy of highly organised swans and geese, my wife now sees fit to attack all swans and geese she encounters that she considers to be in a position of weakness. She’s a bit like Blade, except it’s not vampires; it’s swans and/or geese.

Laurie Penny’s Desire For A Socialist Hegemony

Laurie Penny really grinds my gears, her constant monomaniacal rhetoric is getting so boring. Recently I had the temerity to say so in public forum, for my troubles I was called a dick and told to fuck off, all for opposing a strange young lady’s bizarre world view.