Everyone’s got a couple of PlayStation 2’s lying about their house, right? I know I do.

Recently I decided that I’d get it out of its retirement in order to complete Gradius V, sadly when I came to plug it in I discovered I only had a component video cable and wouldn’t you know it, it wasn’t set up in YPBPR mode! Nightmare.

This meant that I had no picture, so although it booted fine, there was no way of navigating the screen to get to the setting that’d enable me to get the picture back. Double nightmare!

Fear not though, thanks to the internet and a bit of retained memory I worked it out. Bear in mind this was a PlayStation 2 Slim that I did this on, so your mileage may vary.

To get the PlayStation 2 into YPBPR mode do the following.

  • Start up the PlayStation 2 without a game in it
  • Wait about 20 seconds, then press;
  • Down
  • X
  • Down three times
  • X
  • Left
  • X

Bingo! It should now spring back into life, looking like this:

The elusive screen.
The elusive screen.

Huzzah, we did it!