Jeremy Hardy, hateful little man.

And so here we have it, definitive proof, if proof were indeed needed, of the BBC’s slide into metropolitan, leftist elitism. On the News Quiz tonight there was an astounding example of the sort of anti-working class rhetoric we’d expect from a Labour MP.

Says Jeremy Hardy when discussing the decline of pubs:

What people do, they preload, young people, on stuff from shops that’s cheap and then go and stagger around in clothing that’s not warm enough and then are sick on wheelie bins and then start families in the gutter.

If we could just get people into pubs playing traditional pub games like pub bigotry and shove hatred and things like that.

How hateful is that? Every word is loaded with sneering condescension and arrogance. The implication that the working class are all dim, drunken, classless, hate filled bigots that have no more ambition than to breed is there for all to see.

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