And so here we have it, definitive proof, if proof were indeed needed, of the BBC’s slide into metropolitan, leftist elitism. On the News Quiz tonight there was an astounding example of the sort of anti-working class rhetoric I’d hope would be viewed with the disgust it deserves. Says Jeremy Hardy when discussing the decline of pubs:

Oh the working class and their pubs and loose morals…

How hateful is that? Every word is loaded with sneering condescension and arrogance. The implication that the working class are all dim, drunken, classless, hate filled bigots that have no more ambition than to breed is there for all to see.

Frankly I can’t believe it wasn’t edited out, it seems to be delivered with such stumbling rapidity that I have a hard time believing that it was in any way scripted, so candid is it, that it simply has to be Hardy’s genuine opinion of the chattering classes.

If this had been said by an out of favour comedian, say Dapper Laughs or Andrew Lawrence, it would have been pounced upon almost immediately, held up as evidence of a deep problem with society, evidence of the alt-right’s hatred of the working man, evidence that simply allowing comedians to hold such opinions is dangerous. There would be calls for the comedian in question to be banned from university campuses and social media would be ablaze with comment about how it undermined everything that… well, how it undermined everything!

As it stands all I heard was an audience of like minded individuals bleating along with the horrid little pillock’s pillory. What’s quite interesting though is that Hardy posted the Tweet to your left.

Clearly he’s saying here that his opinions are indeed his own and are firmly held, lest he be accused of creating a character or being ironic.

What a nasty little man, to think that his comedy is valid, despite its nastines, but that of others is unworthy of the label.

The laughter didn’t stop there though, oh no, the host Sandi Toksvig had to have a turn. In her case deciding to much more subtly mock what happens in these pub places, with the following gem of complete ignorance:

A meat raffle, how quaint…

Christ, really? You didn’t know that a meat raffle was a real thing? Still I suppose if you’re Danish and live on a houseboat in Wandsworth you don’t really get much, nor indeed want much, opportunity to mix with the hoi polloi.

What’s most shocking about this display of ignorance is that they’ve simply proven that they’re just as out of touch with the average Brit, as the politicians they openly mock on their show.