In what could possibly be the first truly amusing viral video this year, we see Zachary Quinto – post three dimensional chess whipping – challenging Leonard Nimoy to a race to the golf club.

Quinto in his capacious Audi S7 and Nimoy in his Mercedes something. Could it be any more middle class?

Whether or not it makes you want an Audi I can’t be certain but then again I’ve always wanted an Audi so I’m not best placed to judge.

Classic Spock and new, sexy Spock

Still, it’s quite chucklesome at points so it’s probably worth a watch. Highlights include Nimoy’s exasperated expletive upon realising his golf clubs don’t fit in his boot and a well timed Vulcan nerve pinch.

It’s always nice to see a bit of comedy swearing from the older generation isn’t it?