Take a look at this photo.

Flying Kick Dude
Flying Kick Dude

Isn’t that just perfect?

I don’t know why this photo makes me laugh so much but it does. I simply can’t imagine what the circumstances were that led to this photo being taken, let alone staged.

It’s feels like it might be some kind of coding party, what with the projector in the background showing what looks to be a Notepad window, running on Windows XP, and all. Who knows though, I certainly don’t.

The questions to be asked though are how did it come about? Who is he? What happened next? Was it painful? Did anyone end up in the hopsital? Where in the world is this? What were they actually doing?

The earliest date stamp I can find for this photo is on Flickr (somebody’s still got to use it I suppose) which claims it was taken on the 23rd of August 2007 there’s little detail about the shot though. Although interestingly it’s called Flying jump kick, with the subtitle One dude doing a flying jump kick.

It’s on Facebook, with a date stamp of 31st March 2013 and the title Don’t Worry Sir I’m From The Internet, which is funnier than the title on Flickr.

On Imgur, it’s dated the 9th of December 2014, and is called PsBattle: Strictly for my Ninjas, which isn’t much help at all.

Of course over on Reddit, there’s a little Photoshop Battle, nothing spectacular but some of them are funny enough. again no further information on the photo’s provenance though. Most irritating. Over there it’s called Chubby White Kid Karate Kick though, still no help.

Who is he though!?

None of the photos appear to have any EXIF data embedded, so I can’t find any further detail about it. Assuming it was taken in 2007 that makes it fairly contemporary but I can’t shake the feeling that I’d seen it floating around on the internet before then.

I could be wrong of course. It happens.

One thing I did find when digging around the internet looking for the history of this shot was a blog post over on One Man’s Blog, that guy is asking all the same questions I am. Maybe we could team up and track the big guy down?